Victoria Parking Alicante. Aparcamiento vigilado para coches en Aeropuerto de Alicante (Altet). Parking de corta o larga duración


GPS coordenates: 38º 17' 8.48'' N-0º 32' 28.86'' W.

Direction: Carretera Aeropuerto, Partida Lo Morant, Polígono 2, Nº 136, 03195 El Altet Elche (Alicante).

Telephone: 670 059 809


If you are going by A-7, towards Murcia take the exit 22, if you are going by A-7 towards Alicante, take the exit 22, towards the federal highway N-332 (without entering to the airport) and then keep straight approximately 400m. To the right you will see Victoria PARKING.

If you are going by N-332, take the exit towards N-338. You will see Victoria PARKING at the opposite site. To make the turn, you first will have to enter to the airport. So, go straight till you reach the entry to the airport, take it and head for the exit of "El Altet". Shortly after the airport's exit, to the right you will find Victoria PARKING.


Parking Alicante Aeropuerto
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