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Where can I book with Victoria Parking

Victoria Parking is a company dedicated to low cost parking at the main Spanish airports. Currently, you can make reservations through our search engine at Alicante, Valencia, Murcia, Madrid and Barcelona airports.

How often does the courtesy minibus run?

How often does the courtesy minibus run? There is no specific timetable for the courtesy minibus. As there are several courtesy minibuses available at each base, it usually starts as soon as the passengers are ready. There is no need to wait for all the seats to be filled.

How do I arrange for the courtesy minibus to pick me up on my return trip?

When you are leaving your vehicle it is very important that you confirm your RETURNING flight with the Victoria Parking staff. In this way, they will be aware at all times if your flight arrives on time or has any kind of delay.
Once you have returned and once you have collected your luggage, you will have to go to the meeting point, where the minibus will be waiting for you. If for any reason you do not see the minibus, please call and let them know of your arrival.

Can I park my car under a roof?

Yes, Victoria Parking. Victoria Parking has covered parking spaces in all the destinations where it operates. In some destinations there are covered parking spaces with metal roofs and in other destinations there are covered parking spaces inside the warehouses.

What additional services can I contract with the reservation of my parking space?

For your convenience, Victoria Parking offers a wide range of services that can be carried out while you are away.
Headlight polishing
Tyre change
Filter and oil changes
Ozone disinfection
How to locate a Victoria Parking office?
In the offices section, you can see the location of the destinations where Victoria Parking operates.

Who is Victoria Paking?

A company dedicated to low cost parking at Alicante and Valencia Airport mainly. Customers have the option of booking at other airports, where Victoria Parking provides service through the best local car parks at each destination.

How does Victoria Parking work?

It is a very simple system and how it works for all customers. As a general rule, customers drive their vehicles to the car park, where there is a courtesy minibus waiting for them. In a few minutes, they are taken to the airport, without having to wait for the minibus to be full.
For the return journey, the Victoria Parking staff will show you the meeting point where to go, so that the minibus can take you back to the office.

What is the cost of this service?

Both for the outward and return journeys, the courtesy minibus is a completely free service.

Is there an additional cost for indoor parking?

Yes, it is a supplement that you can hire at the time of booking. If you do not contract it, you can request it at the counter if you wish. Please bear in mind that it is subject to availability and priority will always be given to bookings that have already contracted it.

What are the opening hours of the car park?

The opening hours are 24 hours. However, for bookings with late night and early morning arrivals and departures, a confirmed reservation is required. Otherwise, availability cannot be guaranteed.

How do I proceed if my flight is delayed for several hours and I arrive at night?

If you have indicated your arrival flight number at the time of booking or at the counter, the office will be informed at all times of any delays with your flight. In the event of a delay of several hours, they will be waiting for you. If you have not provided your return flight, the immediate availability of the courtesy service cannot be guaranteed.

Do I have to pay extra if my flight is delayed?

For a slight delay, you do not have to pay any additional charges. However, if the delay exceeds several hours or even days, additional charges may apply. We recommend that you take out "Delay Insurance", for destinations where it is available, which covers you for any justified delay of up to 24 hours, without additional charges.

Is there a car wash service?

Victoria Parking offers you different types of car wash. With your low cost car park booking at Alicante or Valencia Airport, you can hire both exterior and full car wash.
The extra can be selected in step 3 of your booking and also at the counter when you drop off your vehicle.
If you forget or decide to request it after dropping off your vehicle, you can contact Victoria Parking.

How can I contact Victoria Parking?

You can contact our customer service department:
Telephone: 96 583 02 54

How to locate a Victoria Parking office?